Orange is the new Black

double orange daylily August 12 2017
double orange daylily, possibly Hemerocallis var. kwanso

This lovely double orange daylily is a vigorous grower in moist soil but is easily kept in check in my un-watered garden.  A neighbour gave me a few fans many years ago and now I have several large clumps in the garden.  It blooms later than most every other daylily, helping provide vibrant colour in August before the Asters start to bloom.


Martagon Lily August 12 2017
Lilium lancifolium

Not too sure where I found the Lily but it has been growing in a semi-shaded spot for about 12 years now.  The bulb multiplies underground every year and it also produces small bulbils on the stalk that will ripen over the summer, drop to the ground and help form a small colony.  This Lily is cultivated in parts of Asia as a food source (the bulb).



  1. Hi Chris. My sister from Fredericton was visiting this past weekend and she wanted to go out to Bonniebrae to look at the hostas and lillies. What a treat that was. We both ended up with new hostas and she is taking home a unique looking lilly. Red and yellow with narrow petals.Can’t remember the name of my hosta right now.


    1. I really love Bonibrae. There’s just something about standing in a field of flowers – makes me feel I’m in Holland. Next on my list of places to try and see in the County is Floralora – provide cut flowers all over the County. They don’t take visitors though…


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