Tropicals in Toronto

It was a delightful surprise to see these planted outside a low rise apartment building in   Toronto where nights are about to get very chilly!  I love how the arching branches of this palm and the rounded bracts of the two Bromeliades contrast with the sharp lines and corners of the brick wall.

Tropicals in Toronto


4 thoughts on “Tropicals in Toronto

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  2. I do not recognize that palm. Those plants must get taken in before winter. You know, on a trip to Washington last June, I noticed the common windmill palm growing just off the east side of northbound Highway 5, just south of the bridge over the Willamette River in Portland. There were a few of them. Yet, no one believes me that palm can grow in Portland. My sister #5 has one in her front yard near Seattle, and I think they grow at the airport there. I have even seen them near Oklahoma City . . . and yes, there is a native palmetto in the southeast corner of Oklahoma.


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