Little Promises

Lilac 2 flower bud Oct 27 2017

It’s official – winter is nigh

Snowfall has come, dark clouds are high

Leaves are all gone leaving branches so bare

Hoping these buds bring flowers to the air

Next spring.


Magnolia Bud November 4 2017
Magnolia acuminata flower bud


Korean Spicebush November 4 2017
Viburnum carlesii – Korean Spicebush flower bud
Aronia melanocarpa flower bud Oct 27 2017
Aronia melanocarpa – Black Chokeberry flower buds
Forsythia flower bud Oct 27 2017
Forsythia ovata flower buds


*** These photos were taken about a week ago before the first frost and fist dusting of snow; today, almost all the leaves are either gone or very very brown…




  1. Those last three are three more that are uncommon here. I do not even remember what aronia flower look like. I would guess that they are like tiny pear blossoms. Forsythia is something I would like to see more of, but there are no gardeners who know how to prune it.


      1. ‘Gardeners’ shear it whenever they want to! They shear it like a privet hedge! I just wrote an article about how gardeners will pollard flowering crabapples, just before bloom, just as the buds are starting to show color. They do the same for wisteria, etc.


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