If a polygonatum falls in the forest…

Decay - Solomon Seal Nov 18 2017 c

Solomon Seal is probably my favourite shade tolerant perennial.  It has graceful arching stems with beautiful, dainty hanging flowers in spring that bees love; the leaves stay dark green all summer; it’s extremely drought tolerant and, in the autumn, everything turns first deep yellow then a beautiful orange/tan before leaves and sometimes whole stems collapse to the ground.

I never ‘clean up’ this garden  – I let everything decompose as it falls.  And then I wait for the new shoots to poke through this natural mulch and start the cycle again.


Solomon Seal

Polygonatum biflorum with its June flowers


9 thoughts on “If a polygonatum falls in the forest…

  1. What does it sound like?
    One of my most respected colleagues really likes the stuff too. I do not get it; but then, I have never seen it doing all that well. There is also this weird native called simply ‘aralia’. It does not look like any aralia that I know. I happen to have a bit of it on one of my gardens. It dies back and gets ignored. It seems that those who are into natives really dig it.


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  4. I love it but Solomon’s Seal sawfly is a pest here. The catterpillars can totally defoliate a plant and because the eggs are laid underneath the leaves you often don’t see it until too late. Do you have this pest where you live?


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