Six on Saturday – out with the old

Acer griseum Aprl 14 2018 small
It’s impossible to exaggerate how much I love the cinnamon coloured exfoliating bark of Paperbark Maple – Acer griseum

Trees don’t shed leaves only, and plants aren’t the only thing in the garden that await renewal each year.  Any shots here with a blue sky was taken earlier in the week.  Today it’s cloudy, with rain, freezing rain, ice pellets and snow forecast for the next three days.  Spring delayed, again!  Thanks to The Propagator, who gardens where it appears to be much warmer, for this weekly theme!


disintegrating bees nest April 7 2018 small
Last year’s rather large hive on a tree rather close to the house — I’m thinking (hoping?)  winter will have made it uninhabitable this year…
nest in Juniper April 14 2018 small
A bird’s nest in a Juniper in the back field — possibly good for a renovation; as the ad would say, needs some TLC
hornet next in fountain April 14 2018 small
A hornet’s nest in the urn/fountain/planter in the middle of the Island bed.  I’ll likely break it off next week – although I’m all in favour of providing habitat for all sorts of pollinators, these were just too close for comfort.


robin's nest April 8 2018
I think this robin’s nest is a total tear down.  It’s three years old though – quite amazing it’s stood up to the weather at all.
Shileau and robin's nest April 8 2018
This robin’s nest is only two years old – Shileau is still waiting for occupants to reappear.




  1. O, I so love nests of all sorts, bird & bee alike. Even have a display cabinet for them & stones & other important stuff. But I’d never be able to say who the original occupants were. You know your stuff! (And love the bark, too.)


  2. What made that tree hive? I usually think of “hives” as bees which, even in quantity, don’t bother me and “nests” as birds, wasps and hornets (which have appeared here dammit). I saw your post about leaving the area of your compost heap after something disturbed a nest in it but then you went back later and turned the heap so I guess the nest didn’t bother you. I’m trying to decide what to do about a sparrows’ nest here. They started building it today and are coming on in leaps and bounds. Trouble is it’s about 3 feet off the ground and will be tempting even for resident cat who doesn’t usually bother with birds.


    1. ‘Bee hive’ sounds so much less dangerous than ‘hornet’s nest’ doesn’t it? The thing in the tree does, though, appear to be the latter so I’m glad it’s in tatters. It’s true, I wasn’t bothered by the compost nest when I wasn’t aware of its existence!


  3. I’ve had Robin’s building nests in tire wheel wells – even laying eggs in them – they were very stressed by people (and dogs) getting near …. can’t imagine they’d survive a cat!


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