The Amazingly Prolific Snow Crocus

prolific - Crocus Prins Claus April 21 2018 c small

Earlier this month I posted a photo showing Crocus chrysanthus ‘Prins Claus’  from the side.  I love the beautiful purple outer petals (up close, the purple is so velvety you want to reach out and stroke it) and the creamy white interior.  What truly amazes me is how such a tiny bulb – typically around 1.5 cm diameter – throws up, every spring, three or four or five flowers.  The larger Crocus (below) do this as well, but not, in my experience, with quite such abandon.

Multi coloured Crocus April 22 2018 small


  1. Are the white ones in the lower picture ‘Jean d’Arc’? I have not grown them. As much as I like white, I do not think that those are very pretty. Even if they are bigger than others, they are not big enough for white flowers, and like you say, they are not so prolific. I have grown ‘Pickwick’, which I like, but I would not continue growing it if it were not such a tradition.


    1. I suspect the white ones are, indeed, Jeanne d’Arc – they came in a box of mixed large Crocus (including Pickwick). What I find interesting is how the white and orange Crocus have bloomed first and are rather large, and the purple and Pickwick are a bit smaller and bloom a few days later.

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      1. Others have said that as well. Now that I think about it, besides ‘Pickwick’, I did happen to grow the mixed crocus only once, and got only yellow.


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