Six on Saturday – daffs and tulips and hyacinths oh my


Purple Hyacinth April 28 2018
Can you close your eyes and waft in the fragrance of these Hyacinth? 

Spring has a firm hold on us now – there’s no stopping the explosion of colour all over the garden.  Tulips, Hyacinths and Narcissus are all starting to parade their seasonal, glorious display and our continued cool temperatures (a few days of warmth forecast for next week notwithstanding) will help ensure a lengthy blooming period.  We’re expecting rain later today and all day tomorrow (not a bad thing unless one was wanting to get on with the spring clean-up) so I was out early to get these six photos.  You can check out a lot more ‘Sixes’ by heading to The Propagator‘s page!

Chinaodoxa path April 28 2018
I’m so happy I planted hundreds of Chianodoxa last October – they’re everywhere, like here, helping define the path that divides the side garden.  So cheerful!
Korean Fir & Chianodoxa April 28 2018
Here’s more Chianodoxa planted at the base of a small Korean Fir I paid $5 for at auction last fall.  It’s quite bedraggled (you should have seen the roots crammed into its pot!) , and I’m not sure it’ll grow out of it’s shagginess, but I do see that buds are expanding so there’s hope!
Lupins emerging April 28 2018 small
I love how Lupins emerge in the spring – sending their beautifully architectural leaves into the sky.
Red Tulips April 28 2018
These vibrant red tulips are always the first to bloom.  I don’t know the variety, unfortunately, but when fully open it’s quite spectacular.  If there’s a peek of sunshine later today I’ll try to get a shot.
Shileau and daffs in woods April 28 2018
I can’t have a photo essay without including Shileau.  She’s by my side (or near my side, anyway, following trails only her nose can detect) whenever I’m in the garden. These daffs are planted just inside a patch of woods – they started life in a pot on the dining room table about 10 years ago.  I love how some bulbs can be re-purposed from being an interior decoration to an exterior fixture.



  1. I like your path of flat stones and also the stones around the shrubs. This gives a natural effect. My Chinodoxa are faded but I think to add others next fall ( not 100 !…. 😉 )
    (and yes, I can smell hyacinth! …)


  2. That Korean fir is interesting. I have seen a few in nurseries, but have not wanted to grow it. I have not seen a gold tipped one yet.
    If you remember how I asked about the allure of snowdrops while they were in season, I am now noticing that EVERYONE has tulips now! At least there is more variation with them!


    1. Funny eh? This year I was noticing all the Hellebore! I’m thinking the paler tips on the fir indicates sonwxsoet of mineral deficiency, not, unfortunately, a gold tip…..time will tell. (Or a soil test I suppose! )

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  3. Spring is upon us at last. 🙂 Those pretty chionodoxa will spread and in a few years you will have a virtual blue carpet. I love that mine are marching across the lawn and yard. I wait until their leaves are yellowing before I mow, by which time the violets are rioting, so it works.


  4. Love that Korean fir. It’s got sass, whatever its problems. Your garden looks gorgeous Look forward to seeing it in its summer garb.


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