Six on Saturday – and all of a sudden…

daffs and Hyacinth May 5 2018 small
Daffs and Hyacinth

All of a sudden, it seems, we’re in the middle of spring.  A few days of 20 degree temps and sunshine means the bulbs are bursting, buds are opening, dandelions are blooming and there’s way too much gardening to do in a day!  Here’s a quick Six taken this morning, with a nod to The Propagator, who started this theme.

Hardening Off May 5 2018
Flats of Hollyhock, Echinacea, Liatris, chard, parsley, basil and a few other things got their first taste of the great outdoors this morning as the hardening off process begins.  So exciting!!!
Frtillaria persica May 5 2018
Fritillaria persica are looking good this year.
emerging fern Peony May 5 2018
I really love fern leaf Peony – it’s always the first Peony to bloom and the foliage is really romantic.
emerging Chestnut bud May 5 2018 small
Expanding buds of the chestnut tree I started from seed 10 or so years ago — in a few days I’ll know if this will be its first year to bloom…report next week!
emerging Solomon Seal May 5 2018
I know I’m behind schedule when the Solomon Seal is this high and I haven’t yet transplanted any!  My goal in life is to have this magnificent woodland perennial throughout the property – all starting from a single small clump a neighbour gave me many years ago.  Tomorrow’s project. (Well, one of tomorrow’s projects!)




  1. Really nice picture that the fern leaf Peony… and 👍 with a fritillaria close to the peony in the background … I’m looking forward to seeing it now :what will be its color?


  2. I agree, there us just not enough time right now to do everything. I have to admit I can’t get Fritillaria persica to rebloom. It gets nice leaves and that’s it.


    1. I’m kinda worried about my F. persica as well….lots of flower buds on the bulbs planted last fall but only a few on the ones planted two years ago. I hope they don’t do what F. imperialis does for me…..which is disappear entirely after a few years.


  3. Why is Solomon’s seal so popular? It is funny that snowdrops were as popular as they were in season. Then it was tulips, which make more sense. But, it seems odd that everyone enjoys Solomon’s seal so much. There is a native species that grows wild here. It looks similar, although it does not last as long. I just do not get it.


      1. Well, at least it lasts through the season. By the time I get to appreciating mine, they go flat. I mean they really go flat, fast, and then I wonder how something so weak could have been pretty at all. I do sort of like the flowers, just because they are so delicate and white. Our natives are not as pretty as the garden varieties.


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