Three Buds a Bursting…

Spring, a magical time of year, where every day brings new delights, new surprises, new colour…

Oak Leaf buds bursting May 14 2018 square small

Red Oak (Quercus rubra) leaves unfurling and starting to expand. This photo is from a very young sapling – only in its third year.  Leaves on the mature trees are still a week or so from enlarging to this degree.

Umbrella Magnlia bod breaking May 12 2018

Umbrella Magnolia (Magnolia tripetala) leaf escaping its protective winter parka.  The leaves will eventually be up to 18 inches long; the white flowers can be quite spectacular as well.

Cercis canadensis Redbud flower buds May 14 2018 small

Canada Redbud (Cercis canadensis) flower buds about to burst.  This is such an interesting native flowering small tree – the flowers form along the stems, not at the tips like most other flowering shrubs or trees, and well before the large heart shaped leaves emerge.

8 thoughts on “Three Buds a Bursting…

  1. Gee, I posted pictures of our trees leafing out a long time ago. That magnolia looks like what the obnoxiously loud Italian guy does when he is telling the patrons at his restaurant how good his Mamma’s pizza is. No one seems to know what it means or what he is saying, but he is probably exclaiming, “My fingers are stuck together!”


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