What I Learned Today – Beetle Bath

brown beetle in bird bath small

I’ve been finding these beetles making waves in my bird bath this past week.  Sometimes doing the back stroke, sometimes the dog paddle, occasionally a pair of them would be doing some sort of synchronized dance, preparing for the beetle Olympics, no doubt.

At first I was alarmed, thinking some horrible invasive species had arrived to chomp on my tender tomatoes or, even worse, my lilies.  A quick internet search revealed; however, that this is a brown chafer beetle, the adult stage of those white grubs I dig up in the grass every now and then.  I don’t much care if they chow down on the grass roots, but further on-line reading indicates they may also like to nibble of some of the things I DO care about, such as corms (hello Crocus) and perennial roots.  Hmmm.  On the other hand, they are also a food source for small mammals and, I would assume, birds.



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