Six on Saturday…first week of summer 2018!

In The Propagator’s guide to this gardening blog theme, it’s suggested to post a quick six, photos of or about the garden, even photos taken on a mobile phone. That’s what I’m doing today, for the first time. Posting from my mobile as well. We’ll see how it goes!

[Follow-up:  I’m looking at these photos on a desktop now and I’m not terribly thrilled – even though they were taken at dusk they look way too bright and not entirely in focus.  Hmmmm – I need to check the setting on my new phone.  It’s a Samsung A8; any tips?]

1. Carolina Lupin..Thermopsis villosa. Seedlings planted last July now about to bloom.
2. Garden sage..Salvia..I’m so happy it over winters easily here. I like the flowers more than I like eating the leaves.
3. Nothing says ‘first week of summer’ like Coreopsis!
4. One of a quartet of new Kordes roses. Planted bare root in May, about to bloom.
5. Silphium perforliatum, cup plant. Already more than four feet high, will reach about eight feet by August.
6. The first Clematis to bloom in my garden, this rambling C. Integrifolia sprawls over a pile of large rocks.


  1. Like me you have Coreopsis to show.. to use your words… Nothing says ‘first week of summer’ like Coreopsis !
    Does silphium perfoliatum spread like lysimachia…?


  2. I like that the background of the Salvias photo is slightly blurry. It is my favourite photo of them all 😊. I suppose the benefit of reading on the mobile is the photos all look fabulous. I’m sure my efforts look shocking on a desktop. I shake too much.

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