Six on Saturday – mid summer on an Island

I haven’t been updating the 2018 Island page as much as I should this spring and summer but I’d like to give you an idea what it looks like right about now.  My Island is the oval shaped garden that’s enclosed by the driveway – about 60 feet long and 40 wide, with some decent sized trees along the back side.

It’s awash now in purples and whites, mainly, with splatches of yellow here and there.  Unlike the past few years we’ve actually had some rain this July which has helped some things – sunflowers, evening primrose, Echinacea – grow really really huge.  This weekend it needs weeding so as soon as I’ve done uploading this batch of pictures I took around six this morning I’ll be out, in long sleeves, bug spray and a sun hat, pulling and dropping.  Stay cool, everyone!

1 Island July 28 2018 - the big picture
1 – The wide shot.  I let a half dozen or so volunteer sunflowers stick around and they’re just starting to flower.  It’s hard to imagine a plant can grow 10 or 12 feet in just a few months eh? 
2 Island July 28 2018 - sunflower allee
2a – I had to trim off numerous leaves and side stalks to keep this pathway open.
2a Island July 28 2018 - sunflowers starting to bloom
2b – If you look way way up you can see the flowers just starting to open.
3 Island July 28 2018 - daylilies still going strong
3 – Another week or so of daylilies here.  I really really love this one.  It’s like how a Victorian lady may have decorated the common orange ditch daylily.
5 Island July 28 2018- middle Echinacia path
4 – Looking along a middle ‘horizontal’ pathway – Echinacea and Joe Pye Weed along the back side, daylilies, Rudbeckia and a few new roses along the front.
4 Island July 28 2018 - down the middle
5 – The same Echinacia, viewed from the front of the Island, In spring this area is filled with Allium, Fritillaria, Narcissus and Crocus
7 Island July 28 2018 - Helenium - Sneezeweed
6 – Planted a small pot of Helenium (Sneezeweed) last summer and it appears to be quite happy!


  1. Loved the photos of your island which looks so lush and full of blooms. The echinacea looks especially good. I have two small plants and am still waiting for them to get going: too cold here just now. A lot of people have posted photos of Helenium in recent weeks. It’s a new one to me, but looks like something I need to have in my garden!

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  2. I loved both yours & Fred’s description of the day lily – of course, anything vaguely hinting at food & I’m hooked. O, the joe pye weed. Having been out of North America for nearly 2 decades, I forget what grows wild there, but joy pye was one of my favs. I’ve probably said that before. Love your island. Really love that it has a path. You’ve done well by it.

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