Six on Saturday – five bees and a strawberry

It’s going to be a lovely hot, humid, languid Labour Day Long Weekend.  We may have a thunderstorm or two.  We may not.  There may be some mowing and weeding done.  Or maybe not. I’ve already been for my weekend 20 km run around my neck of the County, petting dogs and greeting cows and horses, and a cyclist or two, and, later today, I may have a glass of wine or two.  Or a beer.  After I drive to Cherry Valley to visit Floralora Flowers and help them celebrate their fifth year growing flowers here in Prince Edward County.

In the meantime, the bees are still busy, showing much more energy than I will this weekend, getting ready, I imagine, for the colder months ahead.  They were up almost as early as me.

bee on sunflower Sept 1 2018
1 – Of course I have to open with a sunflower – still going strong and by the looks of it, I’ll have sunflowers til mid October.
Bee on Sedum Aug 26 2018
2 – I took this shot last weekend – the bees just couldn’t contain their excitement when they realized  the Sedum spectabile was starting to turning pink.
Bee on Marigold Aug 26 2018
3 – Also from last week – another reason to grow Marigolds.
bee on Goldenrod Sept 1 2018
4 – There was a bit of a breeze this morning – this, and one other, bee seemed to be holding on for dear life as the goldenrod swayed back and forth.
Bee on Rose of Sharon Sept 1 2018
5 – My young Rose of Sharon (Hibiscus syriacus) is still blooming and loaded with buds.  This bee was flitting around it this morning and seemed to prefer the flowers that were just starting to open.  As you can see, there’s loads of pollen on that very large pistil.
Strawberry Sept 1 2018
6 – I’m going to pick this strawberry in a minute or two.  I have a few dozen plants and they flowered prodigiously this spring but the birds and chipmunks seemed to harvest every single berry before I could have even a single taste!

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  1. Hey Chris, 20km, good job! Are you training? I have a half in 4 weeks, So I am in the thick of the training plan. Last Sunday was 19.2km,14.4km tomorrow then race distance next weekend. Lovely photos btw, very colourful.

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