Six on Saturday – bye bye summer

I think it’s been quite appropriate that the last week of summer, 2018, has had such a mixed bag of weather conditions:  hot and humid one day, windy and cool the next, then hot again.  Mother nature is getting us, and the garden, prepared for what’s to come, while not quite letting go of the past extremely hot few months.  Nonetheless, autumn will be here in just a few hours, and the cool weather flowers are quite happy with that.

Here are Six from my garden this morning; to see more Sixes from around the world, hop on over to The Propagator’s site.  It’s quite a good read!

snapdragons Sept 22 2018
1 – With the cooler evenings, Snapdragons are making a comeback.  They put out plenty of nice foliage throughout the summer but not many flowers.  This ‘Rocket’ variety gets nice and tall and fits in well in the kitchen cutting garden.
dead tomatoes Sept 22 2018
2 – The tomatoes, on the other had, are mostly done for the year.  I say mostly because the cherry toms are still going strong; these larger varieties have had enough though.
Kordes Cinderella rose Sept 22 2018 sm
3a – The roses I planted in the spring don’t seem to mind the cooler temps. This is  Kordes ‘Cinderella’…
Kordes rose Crimson Bouquet
3b – and here is Kordes ‘Crimson Bouquet.’
reblooming white Iris Sept 22 2018
4 – I have a large patch of re-blooming white Iris.  So far this year there’s only been one fall flower stalk.  Perhaps the hot summer has delayed their internal clocks.  Perhaps they need dividing. 
Symphyotrichum oolentangiense Sept 22 2018sm
5- Another favourite late summer, early fall flower – the Sky Blue (sometimes Azure) Aster.  Officially it’s Symphyotiichum oolentangiense, but who can spell that?  Like The Propagator himself, I still call them asters.   
Colchicum Sept 22 2018 a
6 – Finally – nothing says ‘End Of Summer’ quite like when Colchicums making their appearance. I have them scattered around the yard, and try to have them poke through other, low, loose, ground coveres.  


  1. I also have blue asters: (A. dumosus “Prof Anton Kippenberg”) They are starting to open these days and I will post on Twitter about them soon.
    I liked your picture snapdragons, always colorful, as usual!
    My tomatoes look like yours and I had to remove all the leaves and new shoots to keep only the toms. I should probably pick the last beginning of October (depending on the night temperatures that are starting to drop now …)

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  2. Ghastly dead tomatoes! Ours might finish early this year. After I bragged to everyone about how autumn is later here, the weather got cool suddenly.
    Do you happen to remember the name of the white reblooming iris? I do not know the rebloomers because I prefer the more traditional types. However, there is no such thing as too much white. Does it have a slight gray shade to it, or is it as pure white as the old school white iris?


      1. Oh, blue would be better than gray. There are three conventional white bearded iris in my garden. Two might be the same ‘Purissuma’. A fourth white iris was procured from an old home in Monterey. I thought it was an old cultivar because it came from an old garden, but it is a rebloomer. The flowers are white, but with a slight but unappealing gray shade to them. A pale blue cast would be nice. This gray is sort of like the underside of a goose that has been loitering on El Camino Real after the first rain of the year.


  3. Lots of bright colour still in your garden, Chris. I will definitely go on calling Asters by their original name, the new one is totally unmanageable! Do you find them a bit invasive? I have some that seem to be taking over.

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  4. So envious of your flowers. Mine were a huge bust this year, though the veg did pretty well. Am really in love w/Cinderella. Does she have smell & how prolific a bloomer is she? May forgive her for everything, considering that bloom. So atmospheric.

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