Six on Saturday – Winter is here!

Our first really cold weekend of the season – I’m not sure I can bear to look through Sixes from more temperate climates. I’m indoors in front of the fire, day dreaming about….propagation! To see some of those shots from around the world, do visit The Propagator’s site.

1 – it was a lot warmer yesterday, although these Yucca may not appreciate it.

2 – adding a different colour to the winter garden is a Bud’s Yellow dogwood shrub. It’s been growing very slowly, I suspect either improper planting (my fault) or environmental factors (not my fault)

3 – the snow cover yesterday was quite shallow, hopefully we’ll get a lot more today to help insulate things. Here are the flower stalks of an unknown low Sedum sticking up.

4 – Indoors, today, going through the seeds I collected last fall. So happy I, for once, labelled them at the time of harvest. These pill containers make a perfect storage container for dry seeds. Lots of lupin seeds…. many will go to the Picton Seedy Saturday seed exchange table next month.

5 – The only seeds I’ve ordered this year – so far – sweet peas. This variety is called Earl Grey come from a local flower grower. They’re supposed to produce larger, more fragrant blooms than what you can typically buy at the grocer. We’ll see…

6 – finally, something else from Antonio Valente Flowers, these bizarre looking Italian Ranunculus tubers. They were really expensive so I do hope they live up to their promise.


    1. I’ve done that too!! I’ve read they go dormant when it gets too hot so I’ll need to dig them up in early summer I think if i want to try and overwinter the tubers. Like dahlias but more finicky perhaps. And a lot smaller.

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  1. Italian Ranunculus are quite so beautiful flowers… Don’t you think your climate will be too cold? Hardy to zone 8 but I guess you’reeven less?
    I do like your pill containers. We don’t have those in France, containers are made of cardboard et pills in “packs”


  2. That does look strange (to me at least) seeing your Yucca surrounded by snow. Do they mind that much snow & cold?
    And I might have to borrow your pill container idea to store seeds in, that looks like a perfect solution to make it easy to label them & stop them getting muddled up!

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      1. It is more surprising that you grow them in your garden than that they grow there. They are actually endemic to some very cold places as far north as Maryland. Yucca glauca is endemic as far north as the southern edge of Alberta. Yuccas just are not commonly planted.


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