Canada Blooms 2019

small display at Canada Blooms - hard to describe - jeans, stiffed wth something, made to look like the bottom half of people, but with flowers growing above the beltline instead of a ...waist and torso.
One of the small displays…boots and jeans and flowers, oh my.

In downtown Toronto, it’s the final two days of Canada Blooms, Canada’s largest garden festival. Every year, hundreds of volunteers work tirelessly to stage the festival and this year they estimate that around 200,000 people will have strolled through the display gardens, flower show entries and educational presentations during its 10 days.

It’s a wonderful, joyful jolt of spring in late winter, especially welcome this year because of the never ending snow. Here are a few of my favourite things.

The Green Street Challenge – I recall downtown Picton, here in Prince Edward County, being closed down last summer for a day while a portion of Main Street was converted into a huge playground, turf, play structures, sandboxes and all. It was wonderful and it was replicated in cities across Canada, including one of the busiest intersections of downtown Toronto.

At Canada Blooms, Wentworth Landscaping installed a giant chess set encouraging kids to play outdoors.
“The Grow Room” – from Guelph University – was developed by Space10, Ikea’s “innovation hub.” It’s an inviting space that welcomes you to step inside and luxuriate in the plantness of it all.

There are flowers at Canada Blooms, of course. A lot of spring blooming bulbs, a lot of orchids, a lot of succulents, a ot of annuals and some perennials and shrubs in bloom as well.

One of my favourite new to me products was the Vegepod – a raised bed on wheels. It’s self watering, has a built in row cover and a clear plastic canopy so that it can also be a mini greenhouse. Perfect for cool weather greens, particularly if you have rabbits or chipmunks that like to nibble in your garden.

The Vegepod. Invented in Australia.

One of the most interesting displays is Cliff City from landscape company Ecoman – he created these concrete highrise planters to demonstrate how cities can strive to be greener.

All in all, a visit to Canada Blooms is a wonderful way to spend a few hours as we anticipate spring’s arrival.

Succulent Man


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