Six on Saturday – 27/04/2019 – Let the Colour Begin!

Patches of colour are starting to show up all over the place now, with Hyacinth, Tulip, Narcissus, Muscari etc all vying for attention. Yesterday’s rain and this morning’s snow hasn’t diminished the beauty springing forth, nor has it stopped the first veggies from sprouting! Here are SIx from my garden in Southeastern Ontario today – with much gratitude to the weather gods for sparing us the massive flooding so many others are experiencing this weekend, not that far from here. Also thanks to The Propagator, who hosts this weekly roundup of garden shots from around the world.

1 – This Hyacinth is the first to actually ‘open’ – and I imagine it’s regretting that decision today, with our temps hovering around zero and snow flurries, “heavy at times,” all morning!

2 – Not to be outdone, the first of the early tulips have also opened. If the sun would actually appear their petals would be wide open; still, it’s nice to once again see their vibrant red colour!

3 – -The larger daffodils have started to open as well, but still going strong are the masses of mini daffs I’ve planted over the years. They all started life in small plastic pots, blooming in February on the dining room table, before being planted outdoors in spring.

4 – The Muscari latifolium I planted last fall is now approaching peak bloom, a week or so ahead of the other varieties I have. I love its solitary wide leaf, and the gradient of blue from top to bottom.

5 – Rhubarb!

6 – This doesn’t look like much but if you could see the line of them, all coming up through the mulch (cut ornamental grass stems – an attempt to fool the rabbits…) at the base of the trellis, you’d immediately recognize my sprouting snap peas!


  1. Your spring comes all at once! It is so interesting! We get narcissi, then hyacinths, then tulips. There is some overlap of varieties, but that is spread out from late Feb to early May. The rate of growth for you at the end of April must be astonishing! I hope the weather settles down, with no flooding.

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  2. That shot of the tulips stopped me, it’s so beautiful. I wouldn’t care if they ever opened, it’s such a perfect shot, stems & colour & lovely brown background. Love the muscari, too. Such great colours at this time of year, when everything else is sparse.


  3. Wow, that is a lot of garish color, like McDonaldland! I suppose after winters like yours, a lot of bright color must be nice. My favorite of your six though, is the rhubarb, even if it looks like an unfamiliar variety. Rhubarb ROX!

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