In a Vase on Monday – Spring Fragrance

One of the best things about having a garden is being able to go out, select some perfect blooms, carefully cut the stems and then, of course, bringing them back inside to enjoy for many days and evenings to come. In the blogosphere, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden decided to start a meme about cutting flowers, putting them in a vase and then showing them to the world. Hence, In a Vase on Monday. Thought I’d give it a try!

My vase is a Hyacinth forcing glass, in a nice translucent sapphire blue. The flowers are white Hyacinth and Narcissus Quail – these both fill a very large room with a heady fragrance – plus a few Leucojum and three deep red tulips for contrast. (There’s also a single yellow tulip and a single odd Narcissus – just because.)

I like this arrangement and the fragrance, but now that I see it ‘in print,’ I realize I need to do better, both in selecting colours as well as heights and shapes. Next week!

 A vase of fresh cut spring flowers.

Epilogue: The flowers for this Vase were cut on Saturday; I visited a friend yesterday morning. She lives in an apartment… Here’s the final destination for this vase:


  1. The joy is in the picking and bringing inside, Chris – it doesn’t have to be ‘arranged’. It is a refreshing change to see blooms that are long past in the UK and how lovely to be able to pass the posy on to a friend. Thanks for joining in and hopefully we will see you again next week

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  2. Ah, it’s all in the presentation. . . .well, the flowers are exquisite too. I dig the leucojum. they showed up in my garden, and I brag about them like they are snowdrops.


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