In a Vase on Monday – Purple and Yellow

In a recent photo club meeting there was a discussion about colour, and colour theory, and we were then challenged to look for subjects that demonstrate some of this theory. So for this week’s Vase (a meme hosted by Cathy at Rambling in the Garden), I’ve once again cut a bunch of Narcissus Quail – they’re fragrant, long lasting (both in the garden and as a cut flower) and I have a lot of them! I paired them with Tulip ‘Pittsburgh’ in the hope that the purple tulip will pair with the yellow daffodil in a way that demonstrates how contrasting colours (as seen in the colour wheel) work well together. (Note, I have not adjusted the colour/saturation in any of these photos – I was hoping to capture it as seen, either indoors or out.)

Purple tulips in a vase with yellow daffodils, outside, in a vase resting on a tree stump, with a field of dandelions in the background
The vase is nothing special – it likely arrived from the florist containing some other bouquet! It’s a good year for dandelions, eh?
Close up shot of the purple tulips
I love this Tulip not just for its colour, but also for the velvety texture of the colour, especially near the base of the bloom. It’s a Triumph Tulip, grows quite tall (perfect for cutting!) and blooms relatively late in the season.
Tulips and daffs taken from above
Same vase of flowers, a few days after cutting
One of the neat things about this Tulip is how the colour deepens a litte bit every day – taking on a reddish tinge even.
the garden, with tulips and daffs
Here they are growing in the garden – Quail daffs in the background.


  1. I absolutely love the way you’ve displayed the vase with the sea of gold in the background. Dandelions were amazing here too. Happy June days to you and your four-legged friend.


  2. My goodness, those Quail are a vibrant yellow! As Annette says, they look wonderful with the tulips against the background of dandelion-spangled grass! Thanks for sharing

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  3. Lpvely tulip Chris! And so nice to see tulips and daffodils still. I love that time of year. I live in France now, but my family comes from Ontario, so nice to ‘meet’ you!


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