Six on Saturday – 01/06/2019 – June Blooms, Birds and Bees

A bit late again this week. We had thunder and more rain overnight, and this weekend may be a total wash-out. But here are six things in my garden on a cloudy June 1. To see more from around the world, head on over to The Propagator’s site!

1 – Robins – we always have a lot of them, but this year they’re nesting close to the house – in shrubs, on the back porch and on top of the hydro box. Apparently there’s a reason they next so close to people – perhaps there’s another post on that!

2 – Bees – we’ve had a number of bumble bees and small, ant like bees this year, but a distinct lack of honey bees. Until last Sunday. It seems someone forgot to turn on the bee switch, and when it was turned on they arrived in droves. More likely, Sunday signaled the arrival of bee hives to our neighbour’s back field. Whatever the reason, they were there, and loving the dandelions!

3 – Lilacs – they’re a week or so late this year but finally you can see, and smell, them everywhere.

4 – Garland Spirea – Spiraea x arguta ‘Compacta’ – I planted these years and years ago. The older branches are covered in lichen now but they still keep blooming every year – one of the first spireas to flower. I MUST remember to do some pruning in a few weeks!

5 – Solomon Seal – Polygonatum odoratum – I think I show pictures of this perennial every year. Sorry! It’s a favourite though, both in flower (attracting bumble bees) and out.

6 – So many to choose from, but I think I’ll go with this Allium – Purple Sensation. They’re the first to bloom for me, although A. karataviense has also just started, and Globemaster has opened but with no colour yet.

That’s it for this first day of June. It was overcast and wet looking when I first started writing this post, but the sun has come out now. I’ll be spending the next several hours in the garden – hope you can too!


  1. Your spirea arguta looks like mine and, as you said, don’t hesitate to prune it in a few weeks, just after flowering. 2 years ago, I realized a hard pruning and it has doubled in size ! (I also gave it space by digging up a kerria too close)

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  2. Spireas never became popular here. We tried to grow them for a while, but there was minimal market for them. It is odd that such nice plants do not become popular while more obscure plants like Davidia do become poplar.

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  3. Chris, I can see why you re-post the Solomon’s Seal. I love its delicate beauty. Is yours fragrant? Nothing can outdo that lilac though, I’m sure. Our have just faded… So sad.


  4. Soloman seal looks great in borders or a woodland garden, but over here, it’s beloved by caterpillars which I’ve never been able to defeat, so like lilies (because of the red beetles), I don’t grow it. I’m glad it produces well for you because your photos of it are so beautiful. You’ve got a great load of wildlife in your garden at the moment. Must be heaven.


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