Six on Saturday – 15/06/2019 – Colour My World

I had to dodge the raindrops this morning to get these quick snaps on my mobile. The first part of the week was quite glorious, prompting growth spurts everywhere, and even today’s gloom can’t stop these glorious colours from shining on this last weekend of spring. To see more colourful garden shots from around the world, visit The Propagator’s site!

1 – Lupins everywhere!

2 – Iris everywhere!

3 – Oriental Poppies everywhere!

4 – Small carpets of Sedum acre starting to bloom:

5 – Spaghetti Squash has sprouted – seeds were saved from a squash grown last year, which sprouted from seeds grown the year before… I now, I need to thin out this group to maybe three…

6 – In the kitchen garden, the beets have sprouted this week. I planted them late – friends have beenharvesting beet greens for a while already…I’m hoping the rabbits don’t find these. Now that I see this shot enlarged, the beet itself is kind f fuzzy, isn;t it? At least the mulch and little clover are in focus!


  1. Looks like there will be a rush for lupins and I’m joining it! Your garden is looking fabulously colourful.


  2. Wow, those first few pictures are so richly colorful! I am getting to like those lupines, even though I am not familiar with them. We have plenty of natives, but they are wildflowers, and are almost exclusively blue. Some are yellow.

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