Buds Galore

One of my favourite things about gardening is, simply, watching things grow. Watching stalks get taller, leaves unfurl, buds swell and bloom. For me, it’s like being an active observer in the middle of a daily magic show.

Some flower buds are expected – the shrub or perennial that has been in the garden for a while, you know what to expect. The wait is still exciting, but perhaps not as titillating as the wait for a brand new plant to flower. A new-to-you bulb to spring forth in the early spring. A new-to-you tuber or shrub, planted in its dormancy, to burst forth. Here are a few buds in my garden this past week, just waiting to open, from both categories.

This lovely heirloom Iris first found its way into my garden via a dump truck full of soil excavated from a nearby building site. I’ve seen them here and there but I don’t know its name, and, to be honest, it’s already in full bloom elsewhere in my garden. I just love the purple edged petals as they start to unfold…
In its first full year with me, this Kordes ‘Crimson Bouquet’ rose survived the winter quite handily. I had a handful of flowers last year – looking forward to loads more this year.
I’m REALLY excited about this Ranunculus. I’ve never grown them before, the tiny tubers were frightfully expensive, I have NO IDEA what colour it will be! Any day now…

Even a common ‘weed’ – or native wildflower – is really gorgeous when you get up close and personal. I augmented the contrast in this image of Potentilla simplex to show off the hairy stems and flower buds. When it flowers (yellow, buttercup like flowers) in front of the Stachys, it will give a really nice contrast.
This Clematis has traveled with me for many years and I think it’s found its forever home. It should be blooming in tomorrow’s sun – a large purple velvet. It’s a fairly common rambling variety no tendrils in sight – the name is on the tip of my tongue but when I try to search the net I haven’t been successful. Any guesses?
Finally, the perennial I am MOST excited about this year is this Echinacea. I was given seeds by a local grower (Fuller Native Plants – no longer in business, sadly…) in 2017. I started the plants last spring – they stayed small and did not bloom. This year they have taken off and I have a dozen or more buds. It’s a cross – ie the grower crossed three types of Echinacea and I promised I would send him pictures of the bloom. Peter Fuller called it Echinacea x paradoxa x tenesiensis .


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