In a Vase on Monday – White

It was very hot last week, so perhaps it’s fitting that the two dominant colours in the garden were orange/yellow and white. The orangey-yellow came from masses of Coreopsis opening everywhere; the white was from several different species included in today’s vase.

Making a repeat visit are Mock Orange (Philadelphus – an unknown but common species, different from the first Philadelphus displayed a few weeks ago which has now finished blooming) and Paeony (this is Duchesse de Nemours, these were its last blooms). New to the show are common yarrow (Achillea millefolium – it seems to grow wild around here), Penstemon ‘Husker’s Red’ (which, after sulking for about five years,is finally having a banner year) and a single sprig of chamomile – another unknown variety that just made its way into the garden.

White porcelain vase filled with white flowers.

I know the lighting is all wrong with these indoor shots. I know a bit of theory around how to get it better…now I need to start taking the time to practice it a bit! To try and compensate, I converted one of these into black and white – perfect for an all white bouquet, I thought.

Same vase of flowers, but in black and white

This week the waves of various Echinacea will be coming on full force, and the Zinnia have started to bloom, so look for a bit more colour next Monday! AND, to see lots of vases of flowers from around the world, visit Cathy at Rambling In The Garden.


  1. I was watching on iplayer a recent Gardeners World episode, where a garden was shown in black and white to highlight the juxtaposition of plants….so I straight away was reminded of this when looking at your artful effect…of course the arrangement itself artfully showcases some gorgeous garden material.

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  2. I really like this Chris, and I agree with Noelle – the way they did it on the programme proved the point, just as your black and white shot does. The penstemon looks really striking and I think I will look out for one of those

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  3. I love the subtle range of tones in this arrangement. I’m constantly struggling with lighting challenges when it comes to photographing my vases but I’m afraid I tend to rely on trial and error practice rather than studying the science of it.

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