Spectacular Mums I’ll Likely Never Grow

Well. I visited Allan Gardens Conservatory in downtown Toronto yesterday – I wanted to take in their annual Chrysanthemum show. Let me say right up front – the Allan Gardens mums are NOT the $7 mums I bought at the grocery store in September. Nope. No way. Not by a long shot. I had an old point and shoot camera with me so these pictures do not do justice to the amazing blossoms, and the amazing work done by the City of Toronto horticulturalists. But I hope they’ll give you a general idea of what’s now on view – for free – until November 11, in case you happen to be in Toronto. Now….just need to source some seeds….

Simple, yet such a deicate mauve shading…
This is a GIGANTIC white mum, there were a dozen or so, parkd right at the front doors.


      1. Do you mean that they were grown from seed that were direct products of the hybrid? That is, of course, how hybrids are bred. However, such a hybrid should not be true to type if grown secondarily from seed. Actually, such hybrids should be sterile.

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      2. Yes, they do their own crosses and grow them from seed, as part of their learning curriculum. As you can imagine, there are a fair amount of washed out colors, but some are quite striking.

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