Condo towers sprout in pairs in the urban jungle

I did a bit of wandering the streets of downtown-ish Toronto earlier this week, after paying a visit to the Chrysanthemum show at Allan Gardens Conservatory. I noticed that condominium developers seem to have a penchant for buying bits of property, tearing down whatever old buildings may have been there, and constructing not just one, but two condo towers in their place. I started to snap some pictures with the thought of sharing them via this week’s Lens-Artists Challenge: Seeing Double. No pretty flowers, but a few interesting designs. A few pretty ugly designs as well, in my opinion.

I’ve saved my favourite for last. For decades, the northeast corner of Carlton and Church streets was home to a parking lot plus a couple of low rise commercial buildings that housed medical offices and a gay bar. Connected again by a common podium and underground parking, the developer, I imagine, wanted to inject some whimsy with a retro vibe into the site. I like the curvy tower, which is right at the corner, but I love the rectangular building with the white accordion waffle-like exterior. It’s even carried down over its side of the podium.


  1. Wow, I guess they expect a lot of people moving to Toronto soon! When we were there, there was a concern about too many people renting out their condos. I don’t see how else they’ll fill them! Great idea for the challenge-really interesting.

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