Six on (last) Saturday – 02/11/2019

We had a bit of a storm Thursday night into yesterday – power was out for about 10 hours, a lot of rain, branches and trees down everywhere including a large one over the driveway. A neigbour kindly roared over to chop it up a bit, making the driveway passable, but pretty much all of today will be spent on clean-up. Silver lining: future firewood! In any event, today’s photos were actually snapped last Saturday, with apologies to The Propagator, who hosts this weekly garden blog round-up. Take a look at his site for more current garden shots around the world.

First, the pretty.

Like several other perennials, this Blanket Flower – Gaillardia – has sent up a final bloom of the year…nice for the bees, and perhaps in time to produce a few seeds for next year.
This strawberry wasn’t labelled an everbearing, but it’s had flowers and a few fruit (for the chipmunks, of course, heaven forbid I get to them first!) since May.
This is a Christmas fern – Polystichum arcostichoides a fern native to Ontario. It’s evergreen, even here, and survives well in very dry, very shady conditions. That said, I’ll be moving my small colony to a brighter, more moist spot in the spring and I believe it will get much larger.
This is a ‘Mount. Airy’ Fothergilla – nice green leaves all summer and fall foliage to match the brightest red maple.

Now, the not so pretty:

I was gifted a box of Canna lily rhizomes in July so these got a very late start. As a result, no flowers this year but with luck the rhizomes will survive the winter in the basement and I’ll start them earlier next spring.

And finally, although Winter is Coming, a hopeful sign of spring….

Foliage for next year’s Oriental Poppy flowers have emerged. These leaves will soon be covered in a lot of snow but will survive ’til spring and, while they can, now, are creating energy for even bigger leaves and many flower stalks.

That’s it for this (last) week – perhaps I’ll have something more current next Saturday, although with temperatures plummeting to below zero in the days to come…..


  1. Your fothergilla is very beautiful with these flamboyant colors; mine was never red like that but still putting on a nice show this fall. For your cannas, start them in March indoors in sand gently moist and put them in pots when they measure 15-20cm but you will have better results with your climate if they are potted (1 rhizome for 1 pot of 30- 40cm max)

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  2. Interesting, I didn’t realize Fothergilla would grow that far north and the color is spectacular. I have a bazillion Gallardia if you need some seed! It sounds like you had a nasty storm but I guess the wind raked the leaves for you! I have had some close encounters with hurricanes like that.

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    1. I know the Forhergilla is native to the southeast but it seems quite happy here…although I think the soil isn’t acidic enough. Need to work on that. Yes, much less raking!! 😄😄


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