In a Vase, on Monday – the sixth anniversary edition

Cathy, who is very fond of Rambling in the Garden, has hosted this weekly cut flowers in a vase blogger meme for six years now. Congratulations and many thanks! Reading all the Monday posts has introduced me to a huge number of new flowers, many of which I’ll never be able to grow in my climate, but many that I will be looking out for. It’s also introduced me to new gardeners from around the world – and that, really, is the whole point of this, isn’t it? Cathy has set us a challenge this week, and that’s to present a miniature vase, no larger than 15 cm tall and wide. Here are my entries, comprised of the very last flowers of my 2019 garden.

I brought these flowers in last Wednesday, knowing it would get very cold within a few days. The Tagetes are ‘Fireball’ marigolds – started from seed this past March from plants I had purchased in the spring of 2018. This variety is compact and very floriferous, and produces multi-hued blooms.

The Chrysanthemum is an unknown variety – it was given to me last Christmas in a tiny pot, then transplanted to the garden in May. This is the very last Echinacea purpurea in bloom. I’m not too sure what it thought it was doing, flowering like that in November. There’s no bees or butterflies around anymore to pollinate.

Finally, here’s the opposite of a ‘miniature’ vase – this outdoor sculpture is in the forecourt of the Gardiner Museum of Ceramic Art in Toronto, a few hundred kilometres west of Prince Edward County. I thought of you, Cathy, when I spotted it!


  1. Yes, I like that sculpture very much, Chris! I am so glad you were able to rescue some blooms before the cold well and truly did them in – I especially like the tagetes, which Is something I must add to my seed list for next year. Are you likely to have weeks or even months of snow at any time in a typical winter – and what sort of depth would be typical? Thanks for joining in, especially on this auspicious occasion

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    1. Ha! Months of snow, definitely! It’s snowing right now, 15 cm expected, with flurries on and off all week. Above zero temps the week after though. December thru February are almost always snow covered, March is wishy-washy and generally horrible. No real spring (or snowdrops in bloom!) until April.

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  2. Can’t believe you have some snow falling already, but I suppose you are used to this weather timetable in Canada! We have a cold and wet day today …. but no snow! I love the colours in your lovely little vase of tagetes, so warm and rich. Aren’t we plant lovers lucky to have this weekly forum to swap notes on our gardens! Thanks to Cathy! Amanda

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  3. That statue is fantastic and a perfect nod to Cathy’s leadership with the IAVOM meme. I’m sorry snow is already falling on your garden. The weather in my area is veering too far in the other extreme so Mother Nature isn’t making any of us happy at the moment.

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  4. Your post is a good read…love your posting of the large vase as a contrast. I too take interest in weather and how it varies from year to year, and from place to place. Reading the IAVOM has so much added value to the ‘stars’ of flower arrangements from the garden.

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  5. Okay, that last vase is a bit creepy.
    Your marigolds are cool though. I have always liked them. When I was a kid in the early 1970s, the Hippies, when they ran out of daisies, gave out marigolds on stems more than three or four inches long. I don’t know where they got so many marigolds.

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      1. Oh yes, those big African marigolds are rather excessive, like big bright orange or yellow chrysanthemums, but not even as appealing. I think they are prettier if I don’t compare them to the other marigolds, but think of them as something completely different.

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