In a Vase, On Monday – Hyacinth

I know, it’s February. I know, it’s my first IAVOM post since 2019. When you say it like that, sounds I’ve been slacking off a bit, eh? Well. It’s winter. There’s snow, and ice. Although I’ve seen a few snowdrop and daffodil tips poking through now and then, garden flowers are still a few months away. In the meantime, I’m happy to report that my renewed attempt at forcing Hyacinths has been mostly successful. Five of the Hyacinth jars I used as vases much of last year have been put to their intended use and the result has been fragrant purpleness in the dining room for the past few weeks.

Hyacinth ‘Woodstock’

I put them in the fridge at the beginning of October and started to remove them, one each week, mid-January.

Took this one out last Sunday.

Aside from the colour and fragrance, the neat thing about using a forcing jar is you get to see the roots.

That’s my vase today – it may be the only one this month! But to see many more from around the world, be sure to visit Cathy’s site – Rambling in the Garden.


  1. Oh well done for your success with hyacinth jars, Chris – I have a collection of lovey hyacinth vases but have never successfully got a hyacinth to reach a proper flowering stage in them. You clearly have the knack and I shall try not to be too envious! I love the colour of Woodstock and have some in an ordinary pot with the colour of the blooms gradually beginning to show. Good to have you back, even if only briefly

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