Morning Snow

It’s been a winter of ups and downs – cold, snowy days followed by relatively balmy, sunny, teasing thaws. This week has been no exception; +2 yesterday, -20 today (yes, minus twenty!), +2 again on Sunday. There’s no use in complaining; I prefer to embrace winter, and find joy where and when I can, like yesterday morning, when we awoke to a fresh, fluffy layer of snow covering everything. I hope these garden shots help demonstrate why I (usually) love winter in Canada.

My favourite small, native, under story tree – Cornus alternifolia – Pagoda Dogwood.
Weeping False Cyprus – Chamaecyparis nootkatensis ‘Pendula’
snow hats on Rudbeckia flower stalks
Snow hats on Hollyhock – Alcea – flower stalk
tip of a pine tree
Ornamental grass even more ornamental than usual
snow hats on Ratibida – Prairie Coneflower


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