Six on Saturday – 15FEB2020 – Sun and Shadow

Yesterday I posted photos of a magical snowfall we had Wednesday night into Thursday – light fluffy snow so wispy you could see individual flakes piling atop each other as they landed on seed heads and evergreen boughs. (If you missed that post, feel free to click here to see it!) As I predicted in that post, the skies cleared overnight Thursday when a cold front dropped in from the northwest, and we woke yesterday morning to -21 degrees outside. Time to light the fire! Today it’s much warmer, and tomorrow it will be above zero. For a few hours.

Despite the cold, yesterday was a brilliant – literally and figuratively. One of those days where the sun bounces off the snow and creates deep, sharp shadows everywhere. It was perfect for a winter run (wearing several layers!) and, if you’re a fan of clear, crisp, cold , cleansing days, being outdoors in general. Here are shots of five things in the garden, most taken yesterday, and one shot of something taken indoors. Every Saturday, The Propagator encourages gardeners around the world to share six things that are happening in their garden – if you visit his site you’ll see loads of gardens with plants actually in bloom!

First, a throwback to a week ago, just because I love this confluence of rabbit tracks in the snow heading towards the fence line:

Second, a look at what the fresh snow looked like Thursday morning. It’s covering the red branches of Cornus alba ‘Elegantissima,’ my favourite variegated dogwood:

Third, taken yesterday, the shadow of a small weeping false Cyprus – Chamaecyparis nootkatensis ‘Pendula’

Fourth – this small Primula seed head sticking up through the snow:

Fifth – a trio of photos – with no leaves on trees, it’s easy to spot structural things that aren’t easily visible in summer. For the first time, I noticed yesterday this humongous wild grape vine emerging from the ground and climbing up some very tall trees:

Finally – my artichokes have sprouted!


  1. Lovely to see all the snow photos and your snow-covered Cornus. I love seeing the snow in my garden, but sadly I doubt if we will see any this year.

    Well done with your little artichoke seedlings!

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  2. Such beautiful photographs in the snow Chris, the rabbit tracks in particular. I’m thinking the UK is now unlikely to have heavy snowfall this year. We just keep getting warm damp weather, so I’m glad you’re sharing your snowy scenes.

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  3. I certainly don’t envy the snow or icy conditions you’re having, but the images are beauty – the reality best enjoyed whilst wrapped up very warm!

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      1. Basswood?! Choke-cherry?! RAD! The only basswoods I have ever seen were rare exotic trees in landscape situation. I have never seen a choke-cherry. (I don’t know what an ironwood is.)

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