Icicles by Lake Ontario

Last week, Valentine’s Day (Friday) was cold and clear – one of those perfect winter days with no wind to make the sunny, -20 degree day unbearable to be outdoors in. On my morning run I stopped briefly at a pebble beach on the shore of Lake Ontario, close to North Beach in my part of Prince Edward County, and spotted the remains of a tree that was covered in ice. It was very pretty! I returned in the afternoon with my camera to take these shots which, I think, fit this week’s Lens-Artist Photo Challenge theme – Narrow – quite nicely.

The icicles had formed the night before, when the wind was strong and sprays of lake water washed over the beach and the fallen tree.

The icicles are so long and narrow…they reminded me immediately of scrawny carrots. The ones that are difficult to peel, so you’re forced to just wash them thoroughly and hope nothing bad gets eaten.

Being side-lit with brilliant sunshine reflecting off the lake surface, through the ice…..makes me shiver remembering how cold it was!


  1. Personally Chris, there is nothing in this world that would make -20 degrees bearable, including sun LOL. That said, your images are quite beautiful so perhaps there IS something positive to be said for extreme cold 😊. Terrific choice for the week, thanks for joining us.

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  2. Chris, this is awesome and I did a little poem about the icicles. Would it be ok if I show your last photo with my poem when I post it, and I’ll credit you and link back. Pls let me know.

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