In a Vase, On Monday – Galanthus elwesii

The garden is springing up again here in southeastern Ontario. Finally. And not a moment too soon. The garden brings a sense of normalcy, a sense that the world keeps spinning around, in these really troubling times. And it is with a sense of relief that I can once again join the IAVOM gang. Snowdrops have been blooming for a month or so here and were at their peak yesterday. I went out and snipped a few (generally I just want them to self seed and spread themselves…) and brought them indoors in this pretty and tiny jar. I’ve used it before – love the blue tinge it has. It spent yesterday afternoon on my kitchen window sill. (Don’t look too closely at the spotty window! Spring cleaning coming soon…)

Here’s the vase this morning, in my new Home Office, as it lightly snows outside…

We’re expecting some sunshine and above freezing temperatures most of this week so who know, maybe some early daffs for next Monday’s Vase! If you’d enjoy seeing vases of fresh cut flowers from around the world, please check out Cathy’s site, Rambling in the Garden.


  1. That is the perfect vase for snow drops. I rarely pick them since it takes so many to fill even the smallest vase. And the spotty window makes a perfect soft, dreamy background for the arrangement. Every single blossom is precious at this time of year and in these troubling times. Stay safe.

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  2. A little bouquet and a picture of a beloved dog are the best companions in a home office. Best wishes in navigating the challenges of our rapidly changing world.

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