In a Vase, on Monday: Yellow and Blue, kinda

Three early tulip varieties were on the cusp of opening yesterday – today’s rain will likely keep them closed until tomorrow, but with luck a few, at least, will be ready for next week’s vase. For today, I wanted to use the fabulous Nigella dried seed heads one more time, and I have an abundance of Narcissus starting to open in earnest.

They’re in a not-quite-clear Hyacinth jar, here on the back porch next to the watering can I just brought out for the season.

The smaller daffs grow out back, in several large clumps, near the bee hives. It was warm yesterday, and despite the grey clouds the honey bees were very active, waiting for the bee keeper to remove the winter protective coat. To my surprise they were going from daff to daff, collecting a bit of pollen on their hind quarters each time. The flowers all were pointing down, so I tried to angle my phone camera to catch them at it – I wan’t very successful (although I do like the tree…)

Bee hives…can you spot the bees?
Nice tree, and there’s a bee in the middle of one of these daffs!!

The title of this post is Yellow and Blue, kinda, because I was thinking that if these two flowers bloomed at the same time, it would be a spectacular colour combination! To give you an idea, here’s the vase again taken this morning after spending the night indoors, next to a Nigella-blue decanter that originally held something quite nice to drink:

This vase will be delivered to a colleague who has been keeping things running at the office these past weeks, as the rest of us work from home. If you’d like to see gorgeous vases of even more gorgeous cut flowers from all over, be sure to visit Cathy’s blog, Rambling in the Garden.


  1. Nigella seedheads are great aren’t they? They are beginning to naturalise in my garden, which I am happy about – unless they overdo it of course!! I must remember to save some to add to vases in future as yours look perfect with your bright and cheery narcissi

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  2. I love the creative thinking with the addition of the blue decanter. The Narcissus are beautiful and it was clever of you to hang on to the dried Nigella seedpods for use as accents. It’s great to see you’re keeping bees too!

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