Six on Saturday – 02/05/2020 – All Sorts of Colour

We’re supposed to have a gorgeous weekend – sunny with temperatures in the mid teens, and no rain. Likely the nicest weekend of spring, so far. It was cooler than usual for much of April and forecast to remain the same for the next two weeks (after tomorrow), which may not be great if you’re waiting for Lilacs to bloom, but it’s perfect if you’re loving the slow unveiling of all the colours that spring bulbs bring. Daffodils are still centre stage, by a long shot (with tulips quickly catching up), but I wrote about them a few days ago, here, so not much yellow in today’s Six. Except maybe this first shot. I couldn’t resist trying to capture the first real spider web of the year:

That’s Narcissus ‘Jetfire’ in the background. Still going strong for three weeks now.
2 – This is Tulip ‘Daytona’ just about to open. I’m enchanted with the hint of the frilly petal edge that will soon appear, but even more tickled by the teeny tiny tulips showing up at the base of the larger stalk. I’m hoping they will produce teeny tiny frilly white tulips, perfect for a bud vase.
3 – More tulips, these are Red Emperor. I planted about 100 of them and they’ve started blooming this past week, giving me splashes of fire engine red all over. They’re interspersed here with Exotic Emperor, a white and green tulip. I thought they’d bloom at the same time, because I’m Canadian, eh, but no joy.
4 – OK – a few more daffs, but only because I wanted to capture this small Hyacinth bed. The fragrance around them is heavenly, and the bees love them too.
5 – Clematis have started to shoot up. This is C. texensis ‘Gravetye Beauty.’ More shoots than ever before – I’m hoping for a great show of dark red flowers this summer.
6 – I know I’ve taken (and displayed) a lot of bee photos this year, and a lot of Muscari photos (this is M. latifolium…again…), but hey, why not. Grow what you love, and share what you grow.

That’s it this week from my corner of Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. Every Saturday, The Propagator encourages gardeners around the world to share six things that are happening in their garden. Pay him a visit, where you’ll see gardens on the other side of the world, and gardens a month or more closer to summer than here. Stay safe everyone.


    1. Hi Fred! It’s a weeping white pine – Pinus strobus ‘pendula’ It survived a vicious attack by pine sawfly larvae two years ago, which meant I had to do some pruning, but I think it’s recovering…

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  1. Daytona looks like it’s going to be amazing. I like your tulip choices. Here in the UK Jetfire was over before my tulips flowered.

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  2. Is that an Eastern white pine behind the ‘Red Emperor’ tulips? (not to change the subject.)
    Those little ‘Daytona’ tulips are silly. It must be nice to get them to grow so well. The white color of ‘Daytona’ is pretty sweet; but I am not so keen on the frills. Of course, I would be tempted to grow just about any tulip that would perform well here.

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    1. For this type of Clematis I cut it back to just s few inches in early spring. It pretty much dies to the ground and sends up new shoots in the spring. Other Clematis require different pruning though….

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    1. I agree – I have to make sure, when taking photos, that the background is either blurry or interesting…I’ve taken far too many shots with cars or power lines distracting from the main subject.

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  3. I so enjoy seeing the seasons evolve in different parts of the world – we’ve had such a warm April that the flowering of tulips and daffodils seems to be ahead of you! Love the muscari – mine are all done now for another year..

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