In a Vase, On Monday – yellow and white, part 2

The garden is currently awash in blues (various Muscari), purple (Hyacinth) and red (Red Emperor and other tulips), but the prevalent colours remain yellow and white, mainly thanks to many varieties of daffodil still going strong (with two varieties not yet open) and the Daytona and Exotic Emperor tulips I planted last fall. Every Monday, Cathy at Rambling In The Garden encourages us to share a vase highlighting what is growing in our gardens. I know I had these same tulips last week, but I think they’re worth a second look!

My mom lives thousands of kilometres away, but if she were closer, yesterday being Mother’s Day in Canada, I would have dropped off this vase of tulips.

The lacy edges of Daytona seem to get frillier every day, and the exoticness of Exotic Emperor is more and more apparent every day. The temperatures here have been cooler than normal, which means the spring bulbs are lasting a nice long time outside. Even inside, however, these two tulips have shown remarkable staying power. This is what Exotic Emperor looks like after a week of being in a vase, on my desk. I’ve watched it open a bit more every day, and now, perhaps desperate for a pollinator, it’s wide, wide open, showing off its gorgeous yellow centre. It looks like a distant cousin of Magnolia Stellata!

I’m attempting to use this small raku Ikebana vase every week, as a bonus vase of sorts. This week, staying with white and yellow, I snipped a few white grape hyacinths (Muscari – unknown species – they were transplanted from a small pot of forced bulbs purchased several winters ago), a single stem of the botanical tulip Turkestanica – displaying seedheads that (for those left in the garden) may produce seeds in future years, and my newest daffodil – Narcissus ‘Hawera.’ I keep this on the windowsill above the kitchen sink.

I wasn’t expecting the flower to be so TINY!!! I put a small white Hyacinth behind it in the vase to provide scale. It’s cute though – I’m just glad I planted bunches of them together. They’d be lost otherwise!


  1. I love both your daffodils and the tulips. The daffodils here are but a memory now, and as for tulips, they’re really only something I can dream of growing.

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  2. Very beautiful! Very good photography. I like the Vignetting shown for the Tulips… 1st picture. Very well done….your Mother appreciated it too…in time for Mothers Day. Thank you for sharing

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  3. I do love that vase of tulips, Chris. Exotic Emperor is one I need to remember. I like your ikebana as well. Sadly, my ‘Hawera’ have nearly all died out after only 2 years, which is a puzzle to me, as all my other Narcissi do very well.

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    1. Thanks Eliza – I’m hoping Exotic Emperor sticks around a while…Interesting to note that Red Emperor, which I would have thought is related, didn’t stay in bloom for very long, despite cool temps. A bit disappointing, although the fire engine red stopped you in your tracks!

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      1. Red snags the eye in the landscape like no other. You just reminded me of a stand of red tulips I had against the wood edge years ago. They were so eye-catching, but alas, petered out in a year or two. (Voles might have had something to do with that. Their presence makes me reluctant to plant tulips far from the house. I have better luck in the front beds next to the sidewalk.)

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