In a Vase, on Monday – Last Of’s

In less than a month spring will officially be over and done with – kinda sad, really. Summer here is often hot, humid and dry, with early mornings and evenings – the most comfortable time to be outside – full of whining mosquitoes. However. Still of week of May left and, with Iris, Lupine, peonies and lilacs not yet in bloom, the garden continues to offer lots of spring bulbs to cut and bring indoors to fill a vase or two. Every Monday, Cathy at Rambling In The Garden encourages us to share a vase highlighting what is growing in our gardens. My vase this week features a pair of ‘last of’s’ to bloom in my garden – the last of the tulips to bloom (Pittsburgh Triumph) and the last of the daffodils to bloom (Narcissus poeticus var. recurvis.)

I added a few N. Quail – mostly they’re staring to fade in this weekend’s heat – for colour and fragrance, plus three Lupin leaves. I just love these deep purple tulips.
The recurvis name is so apt – not only do the petals curve back from the centre, but the edges also curve inward. What I really like about this daff is the narrow red, ruffled edging on the corona. So dainty.
For my Ikebana windowsill vase, I mercilessly snipped three of the only four stems of this variety of Narcissus I have, also just in bloom this week. I don’t know its name, but it’s similar to the Poet’s Daffodil, except of course the petals are yellow. And wider. And don’t curve back. They do curve in though, a bit! You’ll notice I put the screens back up in the kitchen window…


  1. The lupine leaves look like jazz hands. (I just thought of that because one of the projects I just looked at is upstairs from the residence of Liza Minnelli.) It certainly does not look like you are down to your last month of spring with this batch of early spring bloom!

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  2. I laughed at your mention of the mosquitos. I found one in my kitchen this morning, leering at me. We have thunderstorms on tap for the full week, too, and several of our natives are presenting the last of their blooms, so despite some differences, this was a perfect post for my morning.

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  3. I like both your vases. You have interesting selections of daffodils. Make me want to expand my collection. We had tons of rain all last week and some this past weekend. Hope your upcoming peonies fare well.

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  4. The red tulips look like they are made of velvet. 😉 And the Narcissi all look so fresh still. Especially love that last one. I am fond of the Poet ones but haven‘t seen a yellow one like that before. Lovely arrangements Chris. 😃

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  5. Your daffodils and tulips complement one another beautifully, Chris. I can appreciate your sense of angst over spring coming to a conclusion, even though summer moved in for its usual extended stay here weeks ago.

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