In a Vase, on Monday – Tall

Every Monday, Cathy at Rambling in the Garden hosts gardeners around the world who share a vase of flowers, mainly cut from their own garden. This being early June in southeastern Ontario, Canada, the choices for a vase are finally extensive. Lupin, Lilac, Allium and oriental poppies are all making a statement, but I thought I’d showcase a few of my favourite tall bearded Iris – Iris germanica.

I have a row of these white, re-blooming Iris – a friend gave me a few clumps four years ago and they have spread incredibly quickly. I’ll be lifting and dividing and sharing after this flush of flowers fades – although I’m told the best time for planting Iris is the early fall.
Here is the final vase – the really tall pale blue Iris – almost four feet in the garden – are a favourite and very reliable – a small clump came from a friend’s garden in Toronto many years ago.

My Ikebana vase this week features a favourite of my back field honey bees – common garden chives – plus a lovely columbine found in a forgotten corner of the yard. I took advantage of the early morning light to photograph it outside yesterday.

It’s going to be a warm and mainly dry week here – perfect for the peonies that are about to burst open. Stay safe everyone.


  1. Personally I am not a great fan of bearded iris but that big clump of all-white ones looks stunning – and the grouping in your vase looks very stately. I am so enjoying your ikebana extras – is the little dish you use especially for that purpose? Thanks for sharing each week Chris, always with enthusiasm

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  2. Wow, Chris! I can’t even imagine having a selection of bearded Iris like that. They are flat-out gorgeous. Your Allium arrangement is sweet too.

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      1. Yes, there are variegated cultivars. Some are variegated with white. Others are variegated with yellow. Mine (and most) are not variegated at all. There is also a white Iris pallida.

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  3. I love it, I grew Bearded Iris from friends and my mother when living further north..but never the gorgeous Allium. Are you getting some weather from Cristobal? the tracks seem weird, at the very least.

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