One Single Flower

There is a peony in my garden, whose name I have never known, that manages to surprise me every year. It is single, shocking pink and has a huge, billowy bloom – attributes I remember year to year and why I do my best to give it room, during the summer, from encroaching grass, Campanula and Hemerocallis. The petals are ephemeral, unfortunately, lasting only a few days when left in the garden and often only a few hours if cut and brought indoors. Totally unlike other peonies in the garden, with double or semi double or ‘bomb double’ blooms, that sport petals that manage to hang on for a week or more before starting to slip away from the flower.

What surprised me this year was the bright yellow centre – such a beautiful focal point in the midst of so much pink! If you’d like to learn more about what the various peony parts are called – this fact sheet from the American Peony Society is useful.

One Single Flower – inspired by Cee Neuner, who is guest-curating this week’s brilliant Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.


  1. I love peonies Chris. We had them in our garden up north but don’t see them here in the south. They are SO gorgeous but their bloom is incredibly short. I love the aperture you chose on your opening image. It’s a beautiful image that suggests how ephemeral the flower is

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    1. Thanks so much Tina. It’s supposed to get quite warm here, starting tomorrow, so we’re enjoying them while we can. I went out a few minutes ago to cut some and bring to my desk, but the honeybees were all over the pink single ones! I settled for a few blood red doubles, they matched the welts from my mosquito-bitten wrist!

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