In a Vase, On Monday – some hot colour for a hot month

Each Monday Cathy at Rambling In The Garden encourages us to share a vase highlighting what is growing in our gardens. In my part of Ontario, Canada, it’s been as hot and humid as Florida many days this month, and all the orange and purple flowers now blooming reflect that. I’m a bit impressed with my picture taking this week. Not only were nearly all the photos in focus (some are super sharp, to my eye), but I hit a sweet spot with natural lighting – just before the sun hit my back porch and patio yesterday morning. No filters/processing needed for this batch! This is all a very rare accomplishment for me!

Echinacea purpurea, Gaillardia, Rudbeckia hirta, Allium sphaerocephalon are tempered by white Echinacea and Queen Anne’s Lace – Daucus carota.

My Ikebana vase this week has some of the same flowers, plus a few others. The design is a bit weird, I now realize.


  1. The lighting in your photos is perfect Chris! Unless it comes naturally, I think photography is something that takes years of practice. At least in my case. I’ve been trying for 10 years, and have made it my dying goal to accomplish. Using a camera in manual mode is certainly not intuitive for me. But I keep trying, and I think that’s the best we can do. The effort does show over time, and maybe more noticed by looking back at old photos. Anyways, one great picture is worth a 1000 words and the lovely lighting on your rudbeckia and echinacea is lovely. Mine are blooming much earlier this year too. Do you think it is the excessive heat? I’ve noticed my fall sedums are already in bud, some on the verge of blooming. They don’t usually bloom until August and September, so I know they are early.
    It is hard to keep everything happy and watered in this heat. I just looked at the forecast and it is the same for the next 2 weeks. I hope you are at least lucky enough to be getting some rain. We had an 80% chance of rain yesterday, and it went around my house and didn’t even wet the pavement 😦

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    1. Rain is often forecast, and just as often fails to materialize. We were lucky Saturday night! But you’re so right about learning lighting and photography in general. I learn, then I forget, then I learn again… I still can’t get all the controls right – I yearn for one of those new fangled mirrorless cameras, with the retro look, that have all the knobs on the top, just like my first SLR had in the 80’s. And yes, the Sedum! Mine too! Seems about to burst into bloom, not even halfway thru July!!

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  2. Your Rudbeckia hirta is a native down here. It may not adore hot and dry, but it will thrive in hot and dry. We have some native toadflax, too, that’s a pretty lavender, and oodles of Gaillardia. This could be a Texas bouquet!

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  3. Well done with your photography Chris – you are right to congratulate yourself!! I gave up trying to photograph inside partly from lack of suitable backgrounds but mostly because of the light. Your ‘daisies’ look glorious and certainly suggest high summer, which is what you seem to be having at the moment – thanks for sharing them

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  4. Well, I killed the Rudbeckia hirta, I think it molded. So annoying. Love the pictures, the background color is wonderful with the flowers and great capture of light. Photography just seems simple.

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      1. We are fine, live in the sticks. Staying away from people as much as possible. The major cities have the biggest problem, though there is a lot of foot dragging about wearing masks and closing bars. The bar down the street is frequently shoulder to shoulder with people. Foolish and many believe the whole thing is a hoax!


  5. Nicely done on all counts! I just received 3 Rudbeckia I ordered by mail but I’m waiting for our temperature to come down before I plant. I had one like yours, called a ‘Denver Daisy’ here, last year and it was a very tough plant. I should have held onto them last winter but they got evicted as there was no room in my cutting garden for them when I was planting my cool season flowers.

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  6. Wow, your summer seems to have arrived so quickly after your late spring! My Echinacea are only just opening. Very pretty pictures Chris. I love that garlic flower in the ikebana vase. 😃

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