In a Vase, on Monday – White

Two swimmers got caught in an undertow yesterday and drowned at the beach around the corner from us. Although the beach has no lifeguards, there are large signs everywhere and red flags warning about the dangerous conditions; park attendants handed put brochures about the undertow.

I think this tragedy is another consequence of Covid. The beaches in our little county have been more popular than ever this summer. The two people who drowned may have come here anyway, but perhaps not. Because of Covid and travel restrictions, Canadians are unable to travel by plane anywhere and many, especially those in nearby cities living in apartments, especially since this is a much hotter than normal summer, are flocking to beaches in small towns all over. Lineups have been huge. Beaches have been forced to close their gates before noon every weekend. Tempers have flared. Local social media sites are filled with hatred towards these out of towners, calling out their speeding, urinating and defecating on the roadside (yes…), littering, bad parking, ‘ruining it’ for residents…. very un-Canadian, isn’t it? I hope the loud and ugly voices are muted once people realize little good comes from attacking, belittling or yelling at our summer visitors. I also hope our politicians continue to realize this summer can not be status quo when it comes to managing tourism.

Cathy, at Rambling in the Garden (as opposed to me, just rambling away…), invites gardeners from around the world every Monday to share a vase of flowers cut from their gardens. I put together this vase on Friday, long before ambulances raced to the beach, but I think it’s even more appropriate now. White is for cool and calm, I hope. And also for sadness.

Echinacea and Allium carinatum subsp. pulchellum f.album
Phlox paniculata ‘David,’ Allium, Echinacea, garlic seed heads.Oriental Lily


  1. Similar scenes have been happening in the UK, Chris (not the drowning though, I don’t think). Sadly common sense is not common to everyone. Your white vase is absolutely delightful and I love those alliums – a type I have not managed to successfully grow

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  2. It’s a beautiful arrangement and kind of you to consider the lost lives in presenting it. It’s a difficult year to be sure. Stress brings out bad behavior in some but kindness, generosity and understanding in many others – we can only hope that the latter can help shift the narrative.

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  3. Love the vase, Chris. I thought of you while wistfully looking at the Alliums in a bulb catalog. We are experiencing similar issues here with the beach. I haven’t been in a while, too crazy, though I don’t think anyone has lost their life to the ocean. I would consider those people victims of Covid as well..

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    1. I’m starting to hear similar stories from all over – a lot of municipalities are restricting their beaches to residents only; unfortunately our larger ones are park of a provincial (ie state) park system that locals have no control over.

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      1. It has been ongoing here, I am not sure who can go to the beach anymore. The hotspots are one county south and they were coming up to our beaches cuz theirs were closed…ugh. This too shall pass, yeah?

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  4. Lovely vase of white Chris, my favorite also. Such a sad story about the drownings. Our beach is open but as we are a barrier island the waves and undertow are minimal. We’re about to be hit by a storm however so the ocean will be a bit dangerous for a few days. Still surfers will come to enjoy the action. Crazy!

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