In a Vase, on Monday – My Neighbour’s Dahlias

One of our neigbours, a good friend and an adventurous gardener with raised beds and a deep and never-dry well, is growing dahlias this year. Many, many dahlias, in many shades, hoping to determine which will grow the best flowers so that next year she may herself provide the floral bouquets at her daughter’s early autumn wedding. They are truly gorgeous, and I was thrilled when she showed up last week with a jar of large blossoms. She has their names, of course, each plant is nicely labeled in the ground – but I didn’t bother asking for them.

My Zinnias are still going strong with minimal or no watering, each plant getting taller and branching off day by day. I thought I would pair these pinks and purples with the white and the purply dahlias and also some yellow Ratibida Pinnata – grey headed coneflower.

There is one quite spectacular white dahlia in the bunch my friend gave us, and it has a nice long stem. I thought it would look great with just a few Ratibida as an accent.

One of the wonderful things abut Zinnia flowers is how long lasting they are, both in the garden and as a cut flower. My ikebana vase this week is a good example of this – it’s full of zinnias, with stems cut short, left over from last week’s Vase. A few Rudbeckia managed to stay fresh enough as well.

Each Monday Cathy at Rambling In The Garden encourages us to share a vase highlighting what is growing in our gardens. Many thanks to Tara for providing some of this week’s blooms! Wishing everyone a healthy and happy final week of August.


  1. She is very organised, trying the different varieties out in advance! The multicoloured one in the foreground looks especially attractive although not necessarily as a wedding flower – but who knows what the colour scheme of the wedding will prove to be! I love the way the Ratibida splays out in your vase – most effective – and wow, hasn’t your ikebana vase from last week done well!

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  2. Your neighbor is a terrific planner! It’s good of her to share her dahlias. That white cactus-type dahlia is spectacular and I agree with you that zinnias can’t be beat for their longevity.

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  3. The dahlias with zinnias look fabulous, but that second vase is just stunning! I really love the white dahlia as the focal point in the tall vase (which is enviable!). Very nicely done again Chris. 😃

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