In a Vase, on Monday- herbalicious

It’s Labour Day here in Canada – making this a lovely last long weekend of the summer, traditionally (but not this year) the day before school starts again. And it’s raining. That’s a good thing! What’s also a good thing is that I snipped some flowers for today’s vase yesterday, when it truly was a gorgeous sunny warm day.

I thought I’d try to use a different container this week – this greenish swan that has a cavity (purpose unbeknown) inside the wings. It’s one of four swans we have, they’re very much like Blue Mountain Pottery – a ceramic that one’s grandmother used to collect in the last half of the last century – although there is no stamp on the bottom, so likely a knock off.

I also thought I’d fill it, with the help of a small metal frog, with some herbs that are still flowering in the garden: lemon thyme, oregano, German chamomile, basil and of course, garlic chives, currently a huge favourite of the bees producing honey in our back field hives. To set off all these white flowers I added a bit off the tip of a Hyacinth bean vine. I just can’t get over how deep purple these seed pods are!

Best wishes to everyone also enjoying a long weekend, but even more to those who aren’t 🙂 And, many thanks to Cathy at Rambling in the Garden for hosting IAVOM and giving gardeners around the world an opportunity to share their flower designs. Stay safe.

Variegated lemon thyme has been blooming since July.


  1. Yes, indeed. Grandma did have one of these swans; hers was ivory, and also iridescent. She never used it as a planter, although I’ve seen a lot of them with ivy trailing from them. Your bouquet is lovely, and the color of the swan really complements it.

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  2. The swan makes a great container for your herby blooms, especially in that colourway. Are children not going back to school yet in Canada? UK children went back last week – the Government felt that children’s education was the main priority and that it would kickstart a return to work too

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    1. Most kids are back in school now, but every school board (each city/county has its own) is able to determine what’s best. Many parents are electing to have their kids attend virtual classes – it must be extremely challenging to be a teacher this year. Our numbers have started to go up again…403 cases in Ontario (population 14.7 million) today. 😦


  3. Every year I mean to plant that Hyacinth bean and somehow fail to get around to it – it’s a very pretty thing and looks great in your container. I have a swan-shaped pot but mine contains succulents at present, as befits my climate. I’m envious of your rain.

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