In a Vase, on Monday – Something Old, Something Blue

A flower farm less than 30 kilometres (18 miles) north of us experienced a hard frost Friday night – about three weeks earlier than ‘normal.’ Picture three acres of colourful dahlia petals (and other field grown flowers) edged in white. Heavy sigh. Summer is over.

We live near the shore of one of North America’s Great Lakes; this large body of water helps moderate temperatures, meaning the frost stayed away, for now, but autumn still arrives tomorrow, at 9:31 in the morning. Nothing new is going to bloom in my garden this year so today’s vase has flowers I’ve cut and displayed in previous weeks. The vase; however, is kinda new. It’s been sitting on a sconce for about four years. Alone. Forgotten. Very high up. Poor vase. One day soon I’ll fill it again, and take a much better photo. Promise!

High on a wall, this ceramic vase made by Kitty, seems even higher up when filled with tall garlic chives, Salvia and Zinnias.
Kitty may be a family friend, now living in Newfoundland, or she may be a ceramic artist who sold this vase in a craft show. I’ll find out and report back.

Many thanks to Cathy who hosts, on her blog Rambling in the Garden, this weekly round-up of vases filled with cut flowers from gardens around the world.


  1. I especially love the Kitty vase, and handmade pottery in general. The flowers are well chosen and suit the vase. If you feel a compelling need to weed this winter, come on down. Year round gardening is exhausting I am finding.

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  2. The cool blue vase is the perfect foil for those vivid zinnias, Chris. I’m sorry you see your summer coming to an end. It’s too bad I can’t send you some of SoCal’s excessive warmth but I hope your lake gives you a little more time to enjoy your summer flowers.

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