Six on Saturday – 03/10/2020 – Near and Far

Only three months left now in this peculiar, traumatic, tragic, culture-changing year. 2020 has been the year when ‘working from home’ stopped being a perk and, instead, became a necessity. The year when the definition of ‘bubble,’ ‘social distance’ and ‘isolation’ took on a frightening new nuance. For many gardeners, working from home has meant a season of expanded horticultural enlightenment. Hours normally spent commuting or eating lunch indoors were suddenly available for weeding, mulching, watering or planting unusual vegetables. Or simply observing. Noticing small things in the garden that previously went un-gazed at. Long dreamed of projects were completed. Brand new projects were dreamed of and, perhaps, completed. The Propagator hosts Six things in gardens around the world every Saturday. Six things in my garden this week have been well gazed at, either from a distance or up close and personal.

Red chairs, rust red antique manure spreader red burning bush
A type of Pholiota mushroom, probably.
My first cucumber – two weeks before first anticipated frost….grow little one grow…
Colchicum – fading glory


  1. Love the colours in your top photo, and also the burning bush plants and their setting. And I’ve just noticed you’re on twitter.. how great is that? so am I! Must go and see your twitter feed 🙂

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  2. What a fabulous autumnal lead photograph. I’m retired, so ‘working from home’ has a whole different meaning to me, but I can relate to the way you have expressed your horticultural enlightenment. Lockdown had the same effect on me. For almost six months, I spent six days a week working in the garden, planning, and there was a bit of day-dreaming too.
    Your photos are dark and moody with strong splashes of colour – perfectly autumnal! A lovely post.

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  3. These aren’t the vibrant (read: over-saturated) colors of calendars and postcards, but they’re gorgeous. I always have liked fall’s more subtle colors, and you certainly have some fine ones — in abundance.

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  4. Chris, I think you are right……we have really had an unsettling year, but what joys we have had too, especially enjoying the outdoors soooooo much more! Your photos are lovely! My favorite item in your garden has to be the primitive manure spreader!

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  5. Very autumnal. My garden is looking to skip autumn again. The leaves are looking to get blown over without time to change colour. I like the mushroom with it’s wet shine. The coleus looks good in its urn, especially with the leaves around changing.

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    1. Thanks! We must have had the perfect combo of rain and temperature this year because the fall foliage is spectacular. Often though, it’s so dry or it gets cold so quickly leaves just turn brown and fall/get blown off. I feel your disappointment@

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  6. That’s it for cucumbers?! I know your season for them is different from ours, but I also guess that it ends with frost. Ours are supposed to be a spring and autumn vegetable, but continued all through summer. They even survived without watering during evacuation.

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  7. I do love your featured photo full of those gorgeous autumn colours and leaves. The photo featuring things red is also stunning. I am very impressed with the size of the coleus leaves too! My coleus certainly do not have leaves that size. What interesting mushrooms growing on the log – or is it a tree stump?

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    1. It’s a stump – or a chunk maybe – cut from a not quite dead tree that fell across the driveway last winter. I think it may have been an Ash tree. And I was happily surprised by how well the Coleus did this year – must have had perfect conditions, light wise, and I did try to keep it watered!

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  8. agree with the sentiments in your opening paragraph. if there can be an upside to a global pandemic, less time commuting, more time in the garden is definitely one of them. lovely photos, i’m with many others here, the red chair/muck spreader photo is a beaut.

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