Six on Saturday – 10/10/2020 – You. Are. A. Glitter Gawd!!!!!

“You. Are. A. Glitter Gawd!!!!!” wrote a friend when I showed her the above image. Not exactly what I had expected, but I’ll take it! It’s a Lupine leaflet, still covered with dew, photo taken yesterday morning. The dew may have started as a light frost (friends a few kms up the road reported they had frost) but by the time I strolled into the garden the sun had been up for a bit and there was just a heavy dew everywhere. Here’s what the photo looks like without the Photoshop glitter:

The Lupin/Lupine leaf is the first of six things from my garden this week. To see six things in gardens all around the world, take a look at The Propagator‘s site.

The second thing in my garden this week is a collection of flowers still blooming:

The third thing is a second collection of flowers still blooming – my favourite annual, Zinneas. I know – you’ve seen ’em before, but I just can’t help it…

Something new that hasn’t quite made it into the garden (hopefully tomorrow…) is this garlic. We stopped by a garden centre this morning – the pickings were slim, as one would expect at this time of year, but I did notice this garlic. It’s called Duganski – a “big and bold” hardneck garlic I have not grown before. It’s supposed to grow quite tall and I like the purple marbling (that you can’t really see in this photo), although I was a bit put off when I brought it home then read this about it: “it packs a whallop of deep, rich flavor and grow like a big weed in the garden.” It’s going into a raised bed that I moved yesterday, from the back of the yard to the back of the house. Much closer to the rain barrels.

The fifth thing this week is fall foliage. It’s been a spectacular year for bright bold autumn colours on trees and shrubs but one thing I didn’t expect was this – a lilac with leaves turning red. Usually, on all the lilacs I have or have seen the leaves curl up in the fall, turn an ugly brown and fall off. Not this one. I wish I could remember the variety!

The last of the six in my garden is a true sign of fall – and again, it’s not in my garden, but rather on top of it. A flock of Canada Geese practicing flying in formation before they head south for the winter. No border crossings for them!

It’s Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada; there will be a roast turkey in the oven Monday although with new restrictions just announced in parts of Ontario I’m not sure with whom we will or will not be sharing it with. We will; however, be exceedingly thankful for our health, our family’s health, our friend’s heath, our healthcare system and everyone who has worked so hard and sacrificed so much this year to help keep their communities safe, fed and protected.

Enjoy the weekend everyone, and please, stay safe.


  1. And what a spectacular glittering show you captured in the first photo! The colours are outstanding! That is a lovely selection of flowering plants you have, and the final Zinnia flower is beautiful.
    It will be interesting to see whether your garlic purchase does grow like a weed. What an amusing description.
    Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving!

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  2. On the Gardener’s World programme yesterday, Monty Don was planting Elephant garlic. Your variety looks as though it may be similar. I grew standard garlic from a website very successfully a couple of years ago but I’m going to just try one of my supermarket bulbs this year.
    You still have a lot of colour to show…..very pretty.

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  3. Garlic is a favourite here and we have grown our own for over 30 years – the same variety year after year but I have added a few new varieties in the last few years and am getting more and more fond of two I received from a friend in Finland which are both big and good flavoured.

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  4. I was relieved to read the glitter was a photoshop effect. In the UK the garden centres start to fill with plants actually covered in glitter and gold paint ahead of Christmas. Good luck with the garlic – should be a good one!

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  5. Love the glittery lupine and I’m amazed frost hasn’t nipped your zinnias… lucky you!
    We hear Canada geese nearly every day going overhead. There must be MILLIONS of them all heading south…I wonder where they end up?
    Happy Thanksgiving… we do indeed have much to be grateful for, despite what the news reports have to say. 🙂


    1. Ms. Google says seven million in North America! Although they should migrate to south Carolina and points south in the winter, more and more seem not to bother, either because of warmer winters where we are or because they can find food in city parks and waterways. I’m really happy with the warmish weather (70 degrees today!!) Makes the fall garden tasks a lot easier!


  6. The lilac looks like a redbud, although redbud foliage does not turn red either. I so miss a good lilac. The French hybrids became trendy here years ago, and displaced the common species, which actually performs better here.

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  7. I love seeing the geese flying overhead at this time of year. A sure sign of autumn. A lot of Canada geese and Brent geese overwinter on the estuary near to me. I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving weekend. We got caught out by that 10 years ago on a Canada trip to Vancouver and the island. Never knew Canada had thanksgiving day! I can’t quite believe it is that long since we were there, seems like yesterday.

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