Flower Friday – Gerbera

We love Gerbera daisies but I’m usually hesitant to buy them in the spring (they’re considered an annual here in the great white north) because they generally stop blooming for me by the end of July. My fault, I know – I don’t use the right soil, or the right fertilizer, or the right container (I tend to grow them in pots because slugs and earwigs seem to consider them a delicacy. Pots don’t stop them but the damage is a little less…). This year, I must have got everything right because here it is, near the end of October, and I still have gorgeous blooms shooting up.

Native to more tropical areas of Asia, Africa and South America, it’s named after a 18th century German doctor and botanist – Traugott Gerber. They like to grow in a well ventilated area (to avoid fungal diseases), well drained soil and full sunlight – and don’t plant them too deep. If they have soil on top of the crown they may develop crown rot They come in too many colours to mention – this summer I had yellow, pink and this red one in the same pot. I don’t think they ever bloomed at the same time – my fault again for cramming them in too small a container – but I’m going to let this one bloom until a hard frost hits.

Here’s the same shot, processed three ways. Have a great day!

(Here’s the yellow and pink ones – photos taken October 1 and May 3, respectively)


  1. I love Gerbera daisies as well and grow them in pots, too. The big difference is that in Alabama, if I keep them watered I can usually get two to three years out of them. Good job this year.

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      1. I use Miracle Grow potting soil for the initial planting. That gets them through the first season. After that I feed them with a diluted Miracle Grow liquid watering from time to time—but not every watering.

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