In a Vase, on Monday – Blue & White

It’s no secret that March is my least favourite month of the year. Temperatures fluctuate wildly; it may snow heavily one day and the snow may be melted two days later. Then we’ll get another blast from the Arctic, freezing moisture in the ground and heaving the soil, exposing perennial roots. And it’s muddy. And nothing is even close to blooming, in fact, as of yesterday, not even the earliest daffodils have poked up yet. Yes, there are snowdrops, lots of them this year. And, thankfully, there are potted, forced bulbs to buy and cheer up the dining room. Every year I buy a few pots of Muscari – grape Hyacinth. After they bloom I keep watering (and feeding) the bulbs so that the bulbs grow. In a few months I’ll plant them outdoors.

For my first Monday Vase of the year (with many thanks to Cathy at Rambling In The Garden for encouraging us to share a vase of cut flowers) I snipped a few stems of white and blue Muscari from pots recently purchased, they’re currently enjoying my sunny dining room window sill.


  1. A few stems of muscari look lovely like this, Chris, and I am glad you are able to continue with your usual tradition of buying pots of them to add to those you already have. And is your little ‘vase’ an inkwell too? It certainly looks like one

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  2. Hey Chris, good to see you again! I love Muscari and should probably treat it the same way you do! My neighbor does Hyacinths like that. March was my least favorite month when I lived further north…unpredictable freezes, yada, yada..spring soon!!

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  3. It must be lovely to buy pots of bulbs nurture them and then plant them out in the garden to enjoy in future years. Those blue and white ones look charming together.

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    1. Thank you! Buying pots of bulbs that will bloom again means I re-use the bulbs, the potting soil goes into the compost pile, I keep the pots to start seeds in future years. No waste, much joy!


  4. Lovely Muscari. Great idea to have some indoors for early flowers. I know how you feel with the constant ups and downs… we thought spring was here in February but it was only teasing and we are still waiting for the little spring bulbs to emerge!

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