Six on Saturday – 27/03/2021 – Thaw

Well, winter is done. We’ll have light snow and below freezing temperatures, off and on, until mid May, but now, it’s out with the snowshoes and, just in time for yesterday’s downpour, in with the rain barrel. Heavy sigh…..just joking! Every Saturday, The Propagator encourages gardeners around the world to share six things that are happening in their garden. This is what’s happening around here:

Tulips!!! I planted a bunch of new ones last fall, which, given how ravenous the chipmunks were last spring, was either stupid or hopeful. We shall see, but in the meantime there are a few, like these, that the chippies neglected to dig up for themselves.
The ‘Woodstock’ Hyacinths I planted two years ago have returned!
My first harvest of the year will, once again, be chives – I’ll likely be adding them to salads and soups by mid April.
I love how the tall, sturdy stems of Sedum spectaibile (now known as Hylotelephium spectabile) start out as tiny rosettes.


    1. VERY frustrating. My rabbits tend to prefer chard in the summer, and, when the ground is snow covered, the tips (ie flower buds…) of spirea and viburnum. Oh, also young burning bush branches and the bark from Staghorn Sumac. Utter devastation…


  1. Well, the rabbits have almost consumed a Blue Glitter Thistle I spent months nurturing from seed. Arggh. Stay away chippies!!! I always hope the Bobcat that lives around here will eat them. Not the thistles. I wish I had your chives, the ones I have grown here were tasteless. Another thing needing a pot.

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      1. Exactly, I still find some chives now and then. I guess the sand doesn’t have enough nutrients to make taste? no clue, though I have been wishing I had some chives lately!! We have coyotes here as well. Outdoor cats do not last very long.

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  2. Sedum specatible is tough! Small pups came up with floral stalks that I pulled up two winters ago. They were left in a small pile of debris all summer, but then started to grow over this last winter! I canned them as new plants, and they are doing well!

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  3. I am going to try putting my tulip bulbs in a pot then putting chicken wire on top and see if that will keep the chipmunks out. I am changing my gardens over to where I put a big pot in the ground berried to its top then set another pot with plants inside that pot.

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  4. Yep. I am usually satisfied with the daffodills and irises, but a neighbor started putting down chicken wire and didn’t loose as many. I have a bunch of pieces laying around that I am not using any more and thought I would give it a try.

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