Six on Saturday – 02/04/2021 – the sprouting continues…

I really love crocuses – or Croci , if you prefer. Big ones, small ones, white ones, orange ones, purple ones…white and purple ones…Bees love them too, and they’re one of the earliest bloomers in my garden (starting just as the snowdrops end, and before daffodils etc start) so I think they’re a wonderful addition to any garden. And I’ve planted lots over the years – around 500 I’d say, in the past five years. Just two are now flowering. Only another handful might be on their way. I’ve not seen chipmunks or other critters digging them up (like they do tulips) so it must be something to do with my soil – heavy, limestoney, very dry in summer, that they don’t like. Oh well. Here’s the one that was blooming yesterday – the first of my Six on Saturday – a weekly theme hosted by The Propagator.

purple and white crocus

What else is sprouting this week? Lots of daffodils – the first should be in bloom by next Saturday – plus:

I’m really pleased that these Baptisia australis, blue false indigo, seeds have sprouted. I collected them (with permission) from the front garden of a local art studio last summer. Growing seeds you collect yourself are somehow a bit more special than store or mail order bought, don’t you think? This perennial will take a year or two to grow and set deep roots before blooming so I need to find a forever spot for them….
Baby Echeveria. I have a largish plant that I brought inside last fall, just as it was sending out a large flower stem. I lopped it off a month or so ago and then cut off a bunch of small rosettes that had started to grow and stuck them all in pots. The front pot has a chunk of flower stem with new baby plants coming out – the flower tendrils were cut off and planted on the other two pots. So easy!

It’s a lovely long weekend here – should be sunny and warmish – best wishes to all for a peaceful Easter, with much chocolate!


    1. Wine! That would be a nice and natural addition to the local economy, since we’re already a huge wine (from grapes), beer, cider and more recently spirits destination….


  1. I remember your alliums from last year, really nice. And yes, you are right about seed that you have collected yourself being a bit special. Nice plant as well. Hopefully your crocus will appear soon enough. Have a happy Easter!

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  2. Rhubarb is so excellent! It is uncommon here though. Except for what is in my own garden, I see it only in pictures from far away. I got mine from my great grandfather before I was in kindergarten. There is another one at work that I do not know the origin of.

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