Raindrops on Tulips

It’s been raining a lot over the past few weeks here in Southeastern Ontario. On the whole, this is a good thing – there was less snow cover than usual this past winter and back in March we were concerned about what that could mean for our well, let alone the garden. So I have learned never to complain about rain, even in May, when the window for getting the garden up and running is quite narrow. When I saw that this week’s Lens-Artist Photo Challenge was “Focusing on the Details,” I thought it was a great excuse to get outside and, in between showers, try and capture some raindrops on everyone’s favourite spring bulb.

Some tulips are just as striking as they start to fade away as they are at the height of their glory. This heirloom Fosteriana type is ‘Red Emperor.’
Another red tulip, new to me this year, is the Greigii variety, ”Toronto.’
This is Kaufmanniana ‘Stresa’ – it’s a shorter variety and one of the first to bloom.
One of my top three this year – and the most unlikely – a small pink tulip bought at a discount grocery store three weeks ago – STILL blooming!
Finally, another favourite, Fosteriana ‘Exotic Emperor.’ The shape of these white petals, plus the green flamed outer petal make it unique and quite striking either en masse or as a single specimen.


  1. Nice! I especially like the color of the orangey-peachy one, and the open shape and green flames of “Exotic Emperor”. Oh, and could you send some of that rain to MN?

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  2. Oh you’ve done so well Chris, this is a great post and all the photos are lovely but I’d like to especially mention ‘Toronto’ as the pink and red are pretty special, and your orangey-peachy one is sensational, and the last white one .. wow, it’s like frosted glass or crystal, how amazing is that?

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      1. I’m so pleased for you! Your post inspired me to also do a post for the challenge which I’ve just put online and have linked thru to yours. Thanks Chris!

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      1. ‘Drought’ is such an annoying term here. It comes up annually. Actually, it can come up at any time in regard to what is actually the normal climate. Some people even insist that every years is a drought year in California, as if it includes the entire state, and as if it is something out of the ordinary, . . . even though they just said ‘every year’. It is not a drought if it is normal. If it seems as if there is not enough water to go around, it is only because there are more than million people in San Jose now.

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  3. Hi, Chris. Glad you joined us! What gorgeous colors! Your photos are a visual treat. I’m impressed with your knowledge of all the varieties of tulips. Thanks so much for sharing this with us!

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  4. Well around here we call this making lemonade out of lemons! You capitalized beautifully on the rainy days and your flowers are glorious! I love the subtle white Emperor but the Toronto variety is also truly stunning. The raindrops add wondrously to the images

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